March 8, 2024 Third-Party Platform Regulations

DC City Council Restaurant Reform Legislation

On March 5 2024, the Restaurant Revitalization and Dram Shop Clarification Amendment Act, Bill 25-0056, received its second and final vote at the DC Council Legislative Meeting. The bill makes permanent provisions currently in effect through temporary legislation, the Fair Meals Delivery Act of 2022. 

The Digital Restaurant Association (DRA), a non-profit focused on helping local restaurants thrive in a digital world, commends the Washington DC City Council for taking the necessary steps toward protecting local restaurants from the big delivery platforms. The legislation prohibits food delivery platforms from limiting the number of drivers or service radius of those deliveries, simply due to the commission that restaurant pays to the platform delivery. Additionally, the bill requires delivery platforms to clearly disclose to restaurants the fees, commissions and charges associated with the contracted services in their agreement.

This legislation is a testament to the commitment of the DC City Council to supporting a strong restaurant industry and local restaurants who are bravely standing up against anti-competitive practices by the big delivery platforms. The Digital Restaurant Association will continue to advocate for additional protections for restaurants and consumers alike, including improving restaurants’ control over the customer experience, and enhancing information sharing to better serve customers.