December 13, 2023 Third-Party Platform Regulations

Regulation & Sustainability Efforts in Third Party Delivery

Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles City Councilmembers Nithya Raman and Bob Blumenfield introduced a motion to regulate third-party online order and delivery companies. Over 250 local restaurants have signed a petition calling on the city to swiftly draft and pass these protections.

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If you have restaurant locations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area or are familiar with restaurant owners you think would be interested in supporting the LA City Council motion regulating third-party food ordering and delivery companies, please reach out to learn more about how we can collaborate!

New York: This month a New York Assembly Bill regarding prohibitions on single-use food service items has been amended and recommitted to the House Environmental Conservation Committee. With the aim of reducing plastic waste, this bill would prohibit restaurants and third-party delivery services from providing single-use food service items to customers unless explicitly requested by the customer. Single-use food service items would include single-use utensils, plastic straws, and more.

~Why it Matters~ 

It is crucial for restaurants and third-party delivery services to act and function in increasingly sustainable ways. Limiting the use of single-use food service items is one of the first steps to reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment.