Our Advocacy Efforts

We work to enact public policy to protect and grow a sustainable digital and delivery restaurant business

Legislative Solutions

We advocate for public policy solutions to make digital delivery financially sustainable for restaurants

We are actively involved in the political process and hold discussions with key stakeholders whose decisions impact our industry. Whether it’s through legislative advocacy, grassroots outreach, or strategic communications, we stop at nothing to make our voices heard.

  • Support legislation to protect restaurants from unfair practices.

  • Promote an ecosystem where innovation and progress flourish without anti-competitive behaviors.

  • Fight to ensure restaurants have access to their own data.

  • Create clearer guidelines, limits, and transparency on fees and commissions.

Key Legislative Policy Actions

We actively work to support legislation across the country that benefits restaurants, including:

  • Data sharing, ownership, and transparency
  • Pricing transparency
  • Permission for inclusion on third-party platforms
  • Alcohol delivery regulations
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Delivery fee caps
  • And more…

Our Campaigns

Be part of our latest campaigns to help restaurants across the country


Take Action to Save DC Restaurants NOW!

DC’s delivery fee caps are set to expire in January 2023, and big delivery platforms are planning to increase fees the first moment they can. This is an urgent matter affecting the recovery of our city’s hospitality industry – particularly independent restaurants.

Where We’re Working

We actively work to support legislation across the country


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