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Staying current on constantly changing regulations and new practices is tough. Restaurant owners, bookmark the DRA website to stay informed on everything you need to know including:

  • Restaurant and delivery best practices
  • Regulations explanations and guidance
  • Informational webinars
  • Access to new restaurant tech

Special Access To Technology Resources

With so many emerging technologies disrupting the industry, we help restaurants leverage these tools to grow their business

We provide restaurant owners with exclusive opportunities to level up their business through innovative technology. This includes

  • Tutorials on how to understand data analytics in order to improve accuracy and grow business
  • Exclusive access to point of sales, reservation systems, and other technologies
  • Special rates for vetted technology members and partners

Legislative Solutions

We advocate for public policy solutions to make digital delivery financially sustainable for restaurants

We are actively involved in the political process and hold discussions with key stakeholders whose decisions impact our industry. Whether it’s through legislative advocacy, grassroots outreach, or strategic communications, we stop at nothing to make our voices heard.

  • Support legislation to protect restaurants from unfair practices by food delivery platforms

  • Promote an ecosystem where innovation and progress flourish without anti-competitive gatekeepers.

  • Fight to ensure restaurants have access to their own data.

  • Create clearer guidelines and limits around transparency on the fees and commissions that delivery companies take.

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