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Membership Faqs


We do not ask for payment at sign up. Once you become a member, you will receive an invoice for membership by email for your membership based on the number of locations.

Your membership dues depend on the number of locations your restaurant/restaurant group operates. See tiered chart below.

Tier Location Count Total Annual Fee
1 1 $0
2 2-4 $50
3 5-9 $125
4 10-19 $150
5 20-100 $500
6 101-2000 $5,000
7 2001-4000 $12,000
8 4001-6000 $14,000
9 6001-8000 $20,000
10 8001+ $50,000

Yes! The Digital Restaurant Association accepts membership dues by credit card or ACH payment. The payment link you receive in your invoice allows you to select either credit card or ACH payment.

Please note there is a 2.9% fee added for payments done by credit card. See how transparent we are? This is what we are charged by the credit card company. Wouldn’t it be great if third–party online food delivery companies were transparent with the fees they charge restaurants.

No. Our fees are already so low, one annual payment is easy. The Digital Restaurant Association asks for all membership dues to be paid in full upon joining.


No. The Digital Restaurant Association does not sell our membership list.